Signature Event Disha - 2018

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Signature Event Disha - 2018

Supply Chain as enabler to achieve business goals - Exploring new frontiers Digitalization – Collaboration – Innovation - Agility

Over the last decade, Supply Chain has been gaining center stage as the force to achieve business goals of growth, profitability, sustainability. With an increasing VUCA climate, risk proofing has also become an essential component of business goals.

As commoditization is pushing organizations to explore new frontiers, Supply Chain is further consolidating its appeal as a powerful enabler to promote business.

In this journey as an enabler of business goals, Supply Chains have been exploring different avenues. In the contemporary business:

Collaboration, Innovation and Agility have emerged as four critical levers. Digitalization The most disruptive force of our times offers the most powerful opportunity. All the technologies such as – Internet of Things, Block Chain, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and so on are revolutionizing the domain of Supply Chain. Coupled with innovations in manufacturing and Industry 4.0, a number of cases are emerging day by day across the span of Supply Chain including, Sourcing, Negotiations, Contract Management, Logistics and so on.

The problems and issues are increasingly getting complex. The shape of things is changing faster than ever before. Supply Chains have become Supply Networks and hence, collaboration, has become a necessity, more than anytime during the history of mankind.

The solutions of yesterday are no longer valid today to meet the challenges of the present world that we all live in. It is pushing all of us to constantly innovate Organizations are consciously metamorphosing themselves to face the new reality. Many Supply Chain innovations, are in fact shaping the world around us.

As multiple forces shape and reshape the world, planning is not a constant, rather what is essential is the ability to respond and proactively ready the organization to manage the situation, which is Agility.  

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