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Signature Event Disha 2016
A presentation on eCommerce – Redefining Supply Chains in India by Anil Tari
Disha 2016 Photogallery
Visit of Minister for Industries, Govt. of Maharashtra to Disha 2016 program Photogallery
Disha 2016 success report
Visit of minister for industries, Govt. of Maharashtra to Disha 2016 program
Disha 2016 Brochure & Registration Forms for Delegates
Signature Event Disha 2015
Presentation of Mr. Donald Lee Mitchell_Manage Complex Challenges
Presentation of Mr. Vivek Arya -Presentation_ Future development of Infrastructure facilities
.Presentation of HUL Tea Chatter
Presentation of Mr. Jayen Shah_Fine Organics
Presentation of Mr. Jagdish Unni_Procurement Intelligence Priming Procurement Leaders for Business Power Play
Presentation of HUL_presentation to IIMM april15
Presentation of Mr. Girish Nevgi_DRT2110
Presentation of Mr. Dr.Raman Ramachandran_2015-04-17 Sustainability new pardigm for Supply Chain sent
Presentation of Mr. Sunil Potale
Signature Event Disha 2015 Pics
Report on Annual Signature Program "Disha 2015"
DISHA 2015
  Signature Event Disha 2014

Presentations done during the annual signature program -- "Disha 2014" -- held on January 24 & 25, 2014 at Hotel "The Leelal", Andheri, Mumbai :-

1. Presentation of Mr. Michael Wheeler
2. Presentation of Mr. Ashok Sharma
3. Presentation of Mr. Ramesh Krishnamurthy
4. Presentation of Mr. S N Sahu
5. Presentation of Mr. C Venkatesh
6. Presentation of Mr. Manoj Bhataria
7. Presentation of Mr. Saurabh Tiwari
8. Presentation of Mr. Vinod Giri


2. DISHA 2014 Photo Gallery
3. DISHA 2013 Photo Gallery
3. DISHA 2013 Presentations
Vendor Development for Short Life Cycle Presentation by H.G.Raghunath
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6
Warehouse Automation by Vikas Choudaha
Part 1 Part 2a Part 2b Part 3a Part 3b Part 3c Part 4
3.3 Need for Transformation in Supply Chain IIMM Disha M Wheeler
3.4 Contemporary Global Practices in Purchasing by Ashok Sharma
3.5 Disha IT Tools for Transformation by Ramki
3.6 Role of Learning and Development Academy in Building Efficiencies by John k John
3.7 IIMM Conference Disha 2013, Anirban Sarkar
3.8 IIMM Disha- Strategic Sourcing by Anil Shipley
3.9 Presentation On Public Procurement Bill 2012 by Ramachandran
3.10 IIMM- Building an Agile and Responsive Supply Chain dt 25th Jan 2013 by S.K.Krishnan
3.11 Strategising of Organizations for Tomorrow by Pinky Mehta
5. Delegate Registration Form
6. Souvenir Advestisement Form
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Signature Event Disha 2011

Presentations made during Disha 2011